Sean has developed an amazing and engaging repertoire of school performance and educational programs. All his instruments are either part of or available to be part of these events.

His basic assembly program is designed for K-6, though Sean has given interactive talks to students at every level from preschool to college age. Contact Sean for details.

Sean has also done 2-week residency programs, during which he taught each class group one at a time. These programs cover basic music theory, world music, and the physics of music, including large amounts of student activity. Please inquire if you would like more information.

Assembly Programs

A typical school assembly runs about an hour for one assembly to an entire elementary school, and costs $350. The program can be split, for larger schools, into two 1 hour segments of K-3 and 4-6.

To promote musical education in the schools, Sean will perform for two schools in one local area for the same cost as one school performance, since he will already be there. He prefers to do only one assembly per day as the set up and tear down are very involved due to the large number instruments that are part of the assembly performances.

Please contact Sean for more information.