With over 30 years of experience and an amazing collection of both working and non-working (documentary only) antique bagpipe reeds, many over 100 years old, Sean has both the expertise and the documentary evidence to create new reeds for vintage as well as modern pipes. In addition to making reeds, he also teaches this ancient art to eager students.

Reed Making Services

Costs for these can depend on many factors - number, urgency, age of instrument, etc. Please contact Sean for a quote.

Reed making lessons:

Lesson availability is dependent on geography and Sean's concert schedule - no one can be in two places at once! However, Sean has put together a basic reed making handout for those he cannot instruct in person. Adobe Acrobat reader is required (download that here)

Sean may be giving a reed making workshop at an event near you - check his Event Schedule.

Private instruction is also available, contact Sean for quotes and availability.