Sean has decades of experience in maintaining and repairing his own and others' bagpipes and various musical instruments as well as an amazingly large collection of modern and antique working instruments, which he maintains himself. His knowledge and skill has attracted clients ranging from Early-music students wanting to make their instruments function better (and sound right) to museums needing a valuable historic instrument restored.

Antique Instrument Restoration Services

In the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is a bagpipe from the former Soviet state of Georgia, accessed to their collection in the late 19th century, which Sean restored to a playable condition. He has also restored numerous other antique and vintage bagpipes to a playable condition.

Costs for these can depend on many factors - age and condition of the instrument, urgency, age of instrument, etc. Please contact Sean for a quote.

Instrument Repairs and Maintenance Services

If you have a faithful bagpipe that needs some maintenance, or have a new one that's not working quite right, Sean may be able to help your instrument shine.

Costs depend on how much and what kind of work needs to be done. Please contact Sean for a quote.